I'm a Winner Series Shemiras Halashon [Hardcover]

Brand: Chazak Entertainment
By: A. Ken, Dini Harris
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The Yetzer Hara is loud, he says:
"Say the story out loud, don't leave out a thing.
Everyone will listen; it's so interesting!"
"Shimmy," the Yetzer Tov tries to speak loud,
"It's lashon hara and it's not allowed.
Stay determined and strong,
You don't gain by doing what's wrong."
Shimmy doesn't know, what should he do?
Who should he llisten to?

A series of stories about everyday situations that demonstrate the need for young children to overcome their yetzer hara. The delightful stories that children recognize from their own lives and the beautiful pictures provide powerful educational lessons that will encourage children to overcome their yetzer hara.
This powerful educational series is recommended by mechanchim and professionals.

Laminated pages!

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 8.8" x 9"
Language: English
Publisher: Orot

I'm a Winner Series Shemiras Halashon [Hardcover]
By: A. Ken
Illustrated by: Chana Min-Hahar

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