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HaMafteach L'Talmud Bavli Hebrew Edition [Hardcover]

By Daniel Retter

Product ID: 9789653018372

Brand: Koren Publishers

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HaMafteach L'Talmud Bavli Hebrew Edition [Hardcover]
By: Daniel Retter

Product Description
A complete index of the entire Shas that allows you to locate every topic, saying, anecdote, maxim, parable, significant subject matter, law, Biblical exegesis, and Biblical and Talmudic personality mentioned in Shas.

HaMafteach includes 7,700 main entries, 29,000 sub-entries, and 45,000 Talmudic sources.

Language: Hebrew
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 506
ISBN: 9789653018372
Dimensions: 9" X 7"

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HaMafteach L'Talmud Bavli Hebrew Edition [Hardcover]
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