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Facing the Furious Leopard Comics Story [Hardcover]

By P. Stern

Product ID: 9781684545742

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Facing the Furious Leopard Comics Story [Hardcover]
By: P. Stern
Illustrated by: C. Zilberman

Product Description
In the giant Coliseum of Rome, the noble dignitaries sit in the front row of honor. Behind them sit thousands of awestruck Romans, their eyes fixed upon a horrific leopard with jaws stretched open, as it approaches upon Chanina, a Jewish boy crowned with tefillin. No one suspects what will happen at the next moment, not even the leopard's owner, the cruel Pardlus, general of the Roman Legion of the Galilee, known as "the White Leopard." Join us for these dramatic moments. Discover the fate of Chanina, the leopard and the general. Witness the victory of the eternal fire of Torah over the arrows of insatiable hatred. The story is set in the hidden caves of the Galilee, and in the hidden recesses of your pure heart. It is not just an ancient tale of a brave boy who rebels against the Roman decrees and escapes the arrows of their legions. It is a tale of Jewish children throughout the ages, who prove that the Torah's fire will burn forever.

Publisher: Gevaldig
Language: English
Size: 9.7" X 13.4"
ISBN: 9781684545742
Binding: Hardcover

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Facing the Furious Leopard Comics Story [Hardcover]
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