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Ever-Clever Elisa [Hardcover]

Ever-Clever Elisa [Hardcover]

By Johanna Hurwitz

Product ID: 9781614658108

Brand: Targum Press

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Ever-Clever Elisa [Hardcover]
By: Johanna Hurwitz
Illustrated by: Heather Maione

Product Description
Get ready for another adventure with the lovable Elisa!

Elisa is in first grade, a grade with a number, not like nursery school and kindergarten. She wants to give her new teacher a special present. She even has a great idea. What could possibly go wrong?

Whether it’s giving away a special ring, surprising her mother with breakfast in bed, losing a lost tooth, or buying a raffle ticket for a cruise to Alaska, Elisa’s life is always an entertaining give-and-take.

ISBN 9781614658108
Date Published Dec 28, 2018

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Ever-Clever Elisa [Hardcover]
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