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Escape from the USSR [Hardcover]

Escape from the USSR [Hardcover]

By Safran Nesanel Yoel

Product ID: 9781614656753

Brand: Targum Press

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Escape from the USSR [Hardcover]
A Russian refusenik's story of survival
By: Safran Nesanel Yoel

Product Description
The USSR is a dangerous place to be openly Jewish. Zev and Carmela Raiz want to leave so they can live full Jewish lives somewhere else. But to leave, they need permission from the government. And the government refuses to let them go.
The Raizes become refuseniks. They are followed everywhere they go. Their telephones are tapped. They live under the threat of being sent to Siberia.
This is the true story of a brave and determined family. Join them as they continue to live Jewish lives despite the risks they face. Readers will experience the life and perils of being a refusenik. They will learn about the political forces that finally give the Raiz family the chance to escape from the USSR.

Author Safran Nesanel Yoel
ISBN 9781614656753
Date Published Dec 28, 2018
Binding: Hardcover

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Escape from the USSR [Hardcover]
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