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Escape from Hurricane Katrina [Hardcover]

Escape from Hurricane Katrina [Hardcover]

By Chaya Sara Ben Shachar

Product ID: 9781614656722

Brand: Targum Press

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Escape from Hurricane Katrina [Hardcover]
A Jewish family's story of survival
By: Chaya Sara Ben Shachar

Product Description
The city of New Orleans is in danger. A huge hurricane is on its way. The Rivkin family must decide whether to flee the city or to stay home. If they leave, will they be able to get out in time? Or will they be stuck in their car when the hurricane strikes? And what about all the people who are counting on their help?

This is the true story of a brave and compassionate family. Join them as they witness one of the worst hurricanes in U.S. history. Readers will be excited by this account of the day-to-day life of a Jewish family as it escapes from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The Escape series provides readers with compelling true narratives of Jewish heroism and survival. Each book includes engaging photographs, a timeline, and a glossary.

Author: Ben Shachar Chaya Sara
ISBN: 9781614656722
Binding: Hardcover

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Escape from Hurricane Katrina [Hardcover]
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