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Directions In Rashi [Hardcover]

Directions In Rashi [Hardcover]

By Yochanon Joseph

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Directions In Rashi
by Yochanon Joseph

Product description
Do you want to really appreciate Rashi's commentary on the Torah? Rashi's explanations are not just a random collection of beautiful thoughts, but a complete and systematic commentary that reveals the primary meaning of the Torah. Rabbi Yochanon Joseph analyzes Rashi's system and presents a series of "Relevant Principles" that lead to a proper and deeper understanding of this timeless classic. For each week's Torah reading there is presented a meaningful, content-filled d'var Torah about one Rashi comment, showing Rashi's technique and deeper intent.Beautifully designed and easy to read, Directions in Rashi will help you understand: Why Rashi sometimes changes what seems to be the simple meaning of the verse; how Rashi adapts Talmudic and Midrashic texts to the needs of his own commentary; some of the profound spiritual and intellectual lessons that are hidden beneath the surface of Rashi's omments. Unlock the wealth of meaning in Rashi's words and understand the Torah as never before! Yochanon Joseph has done a remarkable job in helping us delve deeply into Rashi's commentary, based upon clear principles. I encourage all those who wish to advance their understanding of Rashi's profundity to read this book. Avigdor BonchekAuthor of What's Bothering Rashi?

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Directions In Rashi [Hardcover]
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