Boruch Learns About Pesach CD

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Series: Boruch Learns Series

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Boruch Learns About Pesach CD
By: Shmuel Kunda

Product Description
In this children's classic, Boruch learns all about the special activities of Pesach. From cleaning the house for chametz (leavened bread) to a complete tour of the Pesach seder, this recording is sure to delight children ages 3-7 with its wonderful songs and narration. Enjoyable Pesach music for kids of all ages!

Song List
1. Introduction
2. Tzvi Locking Grocery
3. Bedikas Chometz
4. Bi'ur Chametz
5. The Seder Plate
6. Kadeish Urchatz (Song)
7. Making Kiddush
8. Urchatz
9. Karpas
10. Baruch Hamakom (Song)
11. Yachatz (Breaking Middle Matza)
12. Vhee She'amdah (Song)
13. Magid
14. Dam Tzfardai'ah (Song)
15. Dam
16. Dayainu (song)
17. Heseibah (Leaning Over)
18. Rachtzah
19. Motzee Matzah
20. Marror
21. Avadim Hayinu (Song)
22. Koraich (Sandwhich)
23. Shulchan Orach
24. Tzafun, Bareich, Kos Shlishi
25. Afikomen
26. Kos Shel Eliyahu
27. Eliyahu Hanavi (Song)
28. Hallel
29. Btzais Yisroel (Song)
30. Fourth Cup
31. Adir Hu (Song)
32. Nirtza / Chad Gadya (Song), Leshana Haba B'Yerushalayim (Song)
33. V'Somachta (Song)

Format: CD
Release date: 1/2004

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