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Beyond Hope [Hardcover]

Beyond Hope [Hardcover]

By Atara Hefetz

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Beyond Hope [Hardcover]
By: Atara Hefetz

Product Description
A compelling novel that will give you not only hope, but simple tools for a better life.
In 1920's France, 16-year old Gitty loses herself in a secular book given to her by a friend and forgets her mother's instructions to watch her three year old brother, Moishy. When Moishy disappears as the result of his sister's negligence, it sets off a chain reaction that travels through three generations.

And in modern-day Israel, Tova, a pastry chef whose husband is in a coma, begins teaching a professional baking course to buy time for her dreams and step back from her daughter Naomi and their enmeshed relationship.

Does a tainted, guilty past mean an eternally guilty future for Gitty?

Will dangerously blurred boundaries spell the end of Tova's and Naomi's once healthy relationship?

Is there a way out? Is there any hope?

Beyond Hope, by popular novelist and therapist Atara Hefetz, explores the crucial strengths and devastating weaknesses we all possess.

It is a compelling drama that will give you not only hope, but simple tools for a better life.

Size: 6" x 9"
Author: Atara Hefetz
Format: Hardcover
Length: 488
Media: Book
Publisher: Machon Tfutza

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Beyond Hope [Hardcover]
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