Beer Miriam on Purim [Hardcover]

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Beer Miriam on Purim [Hardcover]

Product Description
The series for the holidays in Beer-Miriam, is supposed to fill some space - a space that is emerging in the bookcase at all times with renewed time.
This series attempts to design a new jar for the good old wine of the Torah and its interpretation, of the rich thought of the Sages and of the tradition of Halakhah and the customs of our forefathers during the holiday and the holiday. It strives for easy and friendly access to the content it presents to the reader.

The days of Purim on the abundance of their commandments are not the days we were commanded by the words of heroism. He accepted the days of Purim with Israel as a reminder of the miracle of saving them from their enemies, headed by Haman and his sons, and remembering their victory in the battle over their existence. The regulation of Purim constitutes a renewed acceptance of the Torah, even though the Book of Esther does not appear at all in the Book of Esther. In all these subjects, and many more, the volume before you deals.

Binding: Hardcover
Language: Hebrew

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