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At the Amud

At the Amud

By Yaakov Gordon

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At the Amud
A Halachic Guide for the Sheliach Tzibbur
by Rabbi Yaakov Gordon

From the age of bar mitzvah, we pray at the amud. Yet many who do are unfamiliar with the halachos that apply to the sheliach tzibbur. This is especially true of those in mourning, who are suddenly and unexpectedly called upon to lead the congregation on a daily basis. Even those well versed in halachah are not always knowledgeable in these laws.

At the Amud is designed to guide and familiarize the sheliach tzibbur with the halachos he needs to know to fulfill his obligation. It includes chapters on the halachos that apply to a minyan and to those saying Kaddish . The laws and minhagim of the daily tefillos, Kerias HaTorah and the different Kaddeishim are also discussed. Authoritative and fully annotated, with appendices and a useful index, this sefer is a must for every Jewish home.

Rabbi Yaakov Gordon is a talmid chacham renowned for his Torah works, especially in English, and praised by gedolei Torah. …One who wishes to be a sheliach tzibbur will find in his sefer every detail he must know. --Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg

Whoever sees the author’s work is amazed; his words are clear, straightforward, and arranged beautifully, and enlightening to all who delve into them. --Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen

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