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By Levi Goldstein

Product ID: 9789657599051

Brand: Judaica Press

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Ari's Extremely Important Mission
By Levi Goldstein

An exciting young adult adventure novel!

3 Weeks left. Hundreds of special mitzvos needed.

Sixth-grade class leader at Yeshivas Toras Emes, popular Ari Perlstein always had some excitement up his sleeve. But one fine day Ari discovers he’s been chosen for his most exciting—and most important—mission yet…one that he cannot afford to fail.

Heaven has issued a serious Decree on Ari’s beloved hometown, and Ari—the only one who knows about the Decree—has just three weeks to jumpstart a mitzvah campaign to overturn it. Can Ari use his wacky ideas and outrageous personality to help his friends improve their ways?

The clock is ticking. Can Ari save his town?

Jam-packed with adventure, stories, and loads of laughs, this is a unique book filled with invaluable lessons about life and mitzvos.

Author: Levi Goldstein
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 165 pages | ISBN 9789657599051

Published by: Torah Temimah Publications

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