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A Stranger to my Brothers [Paperback]

By Henye Meyer

Product ID: 9781500536152

Brand: Targum Press

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A Stranger to my Brothers
by Henye Meyer

Product Description
He's maladjusted. He has an attitude. And once, the village priest tells him, he was a Jew.

When a survivor of the First Crusade persuades Martin to explore his heritage, Martin has no idea what he's in for. It's nothing like what he imagined, and it's hard work. And across the Golden Horn lies Constantinople, the most exciting city in the world. Why should Martin stick it out in the Jewish community?

Through the choices he makes, Martin begins to understand relationships and responsibility, people and societies, and develops a commitment to a Jewish life.

Additional Information

ISBN 978-1-50053-615-2
Author Henye Meyer
Cover: Paperback
Pages 338

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A Stranger to my Brothers [Paperback]
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