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A Minute Vort Volume 3 [Hardcover]

A Minute Vort Volume 3 [Hardcover]

By Eli Scheller

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A Minute Vort Volume 3 [Hardcover]
By Rabbi Eli Scheller

Product Description
"It can take just a minute to make a moment!"

Excuse Me, Do you have a minute?
People always have sixty seconds available. Why not act upon something that you have been procrastinating?

Here's a list of few things you can do in one minute or less:
Wash that plate or cereal bowl instead of putting It in the sink
Send that one email reply you've been avoiding
Floss your teeth
Take all the receipts, papers, and garbage out of your car
Take the cloths off the hooks and hang them up
Buy someone a gift (online)
Do thirty push-ups
Grow spiritually by acquiring valuable insights from the weekly Torah portion
Feel connected to the weekly parashah and have something profound to share. A Minute Vort has inspired thousands around the globe with its thought-provoking questions, engaging stories, and impactful lessons, delivered in a clear and concise manner.

An enjoyable read, a spiritual boost, and a great tool with which to engage an audience is now in your hands.

"Rabbi Eli Scheller is a wellspring of insights and stories to bring the parashah into the daily lives of people in all walks of life."
-Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits

"This time it takes to say over these vorts might only be a minute, but the timeless messages that are conveyed within can help people for a lifetime."
-Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer

"In his inimitable style, Rabbi Eli Scheller always has something insightful and interesting to share about the parashah."
-Rabbi Nechamia Coopersmit, Chief Editor, Aish.com

"I went though a number of pieces. It is insightful, inspiring, and very creative (funny as well!). What a wonderful addition it will be to my library, and I hope to share it with others as well."
-Rabbi Yechiel Spero

Dimensions: 7X10
Weight: 1.0880 lbs
Binding: Hard Cover
124 pages
Published by: Adir Press

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A Minute Vort Volume 3 [Hardcover]
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