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A Happier You - Paperback

A Happier You - Paperback

By Roiza Weinreich

Product ID: 9780899065908

Brand: Artscroll Publications

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A Happier You: A teenager girl's recipe for self esteem and a better life
by Roiza Weinreich

Adolescent fears and insecurity -- aren’t they an unavoidable part of growing up?

They don’t have to be. The teen years should be a time to blossom, to face up to challenges and surmount them.

The teen years are the greenhouse of personal growth, and this perceptive book shows how to make them happy and productive. It’s practical. It’s real. It’s wise. It’s fun. When you read it you’ll say, How did she know me so well? This is just what I need!

In it, more than 200 teenage girls share their stories with you.

And the author proves that there are ways to make the teen years a time of fun, fulfillment and confidence. Here are just a few of the many ways this book will help:

Thirteen ways to cultivate the friendships you want
How to get rid of worry, fear and envy
How to manage peer pressure
Practical, tested formulas for developing self-esteem
Six ways to improve your relationships with family members
Over fifty two-minute drills to improve every day of your life
So read, enjoy and grow -- as you become a happier you!

Too good to be true. Not at all. It is good, and it is true!

And it’s all yours in this common-sense, down-to-earth manual for a better life.

The author, Roiza Weinreich, has been helping people for years, and nothing makes her happier than helping you become A Happier You!

ISBN-10: 0899065902
ISBN-13: 9780899065908
Binding: Paperback / Pages: 221
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Published: by ArtScroll / Mesorah

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A Happier You - Paperback
- 1977