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Forty Nine Days [Hardcover]

Forty Nine Days [Hardcover]

By Yosef Chaim Lanzer

Product ID: 9781946351616

Brand: Mosaica Press

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Forty Nine Days [Hardcover]
Acquiring Torah Step by Step
By: Rabbi Yosef Chaim Lanzer

Product Description
Rabbi Lanzer has done it again this time with a forty-nine day program of short, powerful, and relevant lessons based on the kinyanei Torah, the methods of acquiring Torah, as outlined in Pirkei Avos. Whether used during the sefiras ha’omer or throughout the year, this easy-to-read collection of ideas and stories helps bring
the Torah we learn into our hearts and minds.

Hardcover: 160 Pages
Publisher: Mosaica Press
ISBN-13: 9781946351616

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Forty Nine Days [Hardcover]
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