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23 Under 1 Roof - Vol. 4: The New House [Hardcover]

By R. Rappaport

Product ID: 9781600914294

Brand: Tfutza Publications

Series: 23 Under 1 Roof Series

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23 Under 1 Roof - Vol. 4: The New House
The 23 Schneiders are now being joined by a family of mice in their home!
By R. Rappaport

Product Description
Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal!

What happens when,

Tully begins to sleepwalk?
A big fight breaks out among the kids and everyone takes sides?
A family of mice decides to move in with them?
Abba rents a strange cat to help catch the mice?

Come along and share in the latest hilarious, exciting and fascinating adventures of the Schneider's 21 children!

Author: R. Rappaport
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-60091-429-4
Length: 236
Media: Book
Publisher: Tfutza Publications

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23 Under 1 Roof - Vol. 4: The New House [Hardcover]
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